MP3Juices was one of the hardest competitors of mp3skull. Started as a low paid coding job for a free software developer, mp3 juice was one of the first mp3 download websites on the web. They was alive and available on till Dec. 2015. In Dec. 2015 mp3juices was seized by the London police (PIPCU). After this, another free mp3 download service decided to transform into a name clone of mp3juices under the new domain Since then took the place of and offering it visitors a simple mp3 search engine and youtube converter service. With an Alexa ranking of lower than 4000 is still one of the biggest mp3 download websites on the web. Since the end of 2016 there is a competitors website to mp3juice which grows popularity in eastern countries. Its name is MP3Juice and it's available on the tonga based domain

What MP3Juices Offering:
  • Global MP3 Downloads of serious third party pages
  • Mp3 Cutter

According to serious statistic services on the web, has more than 1 million visitors daily. This tells that mp3 download and search services like this are still popular in the internet.

Screenshot of old MP3Juicesmp3juices